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3 years
Gemalto France
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~19,5 M Euros
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The application Museum Quest developed by LaBRI, University of Bordeaux, under the SUS project...
The final review of the SUS project will be held at Caen the 12-13th December of 2012.
Youtube channel for the SUS Project
    Expected impact
    Most European cities are currently facing new challenges to develop territory attractiveness, in a context of continuous globalization and always fiercer competition: for them the key objectives are trying to attract investment, qualified workforce, tourists and consumers with high buying power into their towns, as well as improving quality of life for the citizens that live and work there while optimizing their internal productivity.

    To successfully approach this goal, cities have to make concerted efforts to increase their attractiveness and develop a clear and unique image: in this respect they have to differentiate by:
    • Enhancing their local identity
    • Deepening their regional positioning
    • Increasing their international awareness, also by strong networking actions
    Consequently local administrations have to communicate consistently and in an integrated fashion to influence people's positive perception of their city, be they in town or in another region or country.

    On the technical side local administrations have to optimize their infrastructures and offers along the ever changing needs of their stakeholders.
    The work of the Spanish SUS partners is partially funded by MITYC, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade. The work of the Finish SUS partners is partially funded by Tekes, the most important publicly funded expert organization for financing research, development and innovation in Finland The work of the French SUS partners is partially funded by DGCIS, the Directorate-General of Competiveness, Industry and Services.
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